5 belangrijkste onderdelen dat ‘ieder’ spel moet hebben om het interessant te maken.

Een oude post die ik ooit heb gemaakt, maar nog steeds achter kan staan.Het beschrijft wat ieder spel moet hebben en wat gewoon objectief te onderbouwen is.

A few things “any” game should have and trying to avoid any subjectivity.

1 It needs to be a “real” game.
1.1 A sense of challenge (no challenge, no game)
1.2 A sense of competition (how well do I do against or compared to others)

2 A sense of control (the reason why Dragons Lair/Space Ace are things of the past)

3 A sense of exploring
3.1 A dynamic part, in which the gamer isn’t always 100% sure on what to expect.
3.2 Replay value (which fits the type of game)

4 A sense of growth (how much have your skills developed)
4.1 A good learning curve(easy to learn, hard to master, making it interesting for all)
4.2 A reward system (things to look forward to when finishing a level, challenge of game)

5 Immersion In the game on multiple levels (making the player feel fammiliar at some level)
5.1 A Well balanced graphics and sounds complementing the game. Making the gamer feel right at home, even though someone has never touched the game.
5.2 A Well balanced build up (a level of) predictability. Someone needs to sense when the level or game is hitting the end.

Depending on which type of gamer you are trying to reach, you have to ask how high the bar should be. Since the Wii and DS (and many casual games) attract people who are not as dedicated as most console/pc gamers, they are more easily satisfied and don’t like it when a game is too hard. But there needs to be a sense of accomplishment for any type of game and gamer.

There are other important parts to a game, but those are strongly relying on the genre.

-The right weight to the Story(knowing when the story needs to take itself serious or not)
-A sense of control over the story(your choices must count)
-Multiple Endings (replay value)
-Multiple Difficulty settings
-Facial Animation(Too many adventure/rpg type of games lack a sense of emotion on the players face, disturbing the empathy you have to develop for you character)
-Pick up and play(for basically any mobile/handheld/PSN/XBLA game, which Nintendo mastered and make them win the race with the first psp)