The Third Rising: Hoofdstuk 2

Waar deel één herschreven is door Sarah Parr, is dit deel nog in erg ruwe vorm. Ik moet dan ook erkennen dat er een groot gat zit tussen mijn vermogen verhalen te bedenken en te schrijven. Desalniettemin wilde ik dit toch graag delen met eventuele geïnteresseerden.

It’s very early in the morning and the sun has just started to rise slowly above the horizon. But peace in this part of the North-West Lands has already been disturbed. In this area filled with many hills many animals and small monsters seem to be fleeing for their lives, also among them a weird almost catlike creature. The little creature is called Nenno and he is a Nichaan. He has many characteristics of a cat with especially a lot of hair around the cheeks, but is almost as big as a dog, only walking on his feet. He has big pointy ears, large blue eyes and a long tail, but apart from that he’s just as intelligent as a human being.
Nenno: “Pant… Pant… Did I lose him…? Pant… I think the distance between… Me and him… Should be quite big…”
Then a loud roar behind him can be heard and even trees are being launched.
Nenno: “IIIIIPPP!!! Not big enough!!!”
He then looks around and sees how far away the trees are being thrown.
Nenno: “Those trees… Pant… Are like matchsticks to him… What a monster…!!! I need rest… Must’ve been… Running for hours…”
Nenno quickly hides behind a small boulder, trying to catch his breath. He looks very worn out and is covered in sweat.
Nenno: “My heart… Pant… Is about to… Explode… Pant… Don’t hear him???”
He slowly looks behind the boulder.
Nenno: “I wish… Pant… I wasn’t so scared to use ‘it’ again… But who knows where I will end up next. Perhaps I’ll end up in a volcano, or even much farther from my goal… What? Behind me…? That scent…!?!”
Behind him Tamar appeared, looking all dark skinned and very sinister. Nenno is frozen to the ground, to afraid to even move.
Nenno: “IIIIP!!! Can’t run… Pant… Too tired… Muscles… Pant… Won’t move… How did… I get into this!?!”

Nenno memory takes him back twelve hours and sees himself sitting in front of a tree. It is when Nenno saw Tamar for the first time, he would never have guessed things would end up like this.
Nenno: “Oh my… I haven’t eaten for days. So little in this forest seems to be edible.”
His tummy is rumbling and he does look a bit pale. He then suddenly hears something and his nose starts to pick up an interesting smell.
Nenno: “What’s that sound…? What a lovely smell…”
He looks behind him passed the tree and sees Tamar walking by with a bag full of food. Nenno can hardly believe his eyes and instantly starts to drool.
Nenno: “Who… What? Bag… Food… Sniff, sniff… Food!!!”
Tamar quickly turns around and Nenno can just barely hide away in time.
Tamar: “What? Just thought I… Oh well…”
Tamar continues his travel and leaves Nenno behind, who has his himself in the tree.
Nenno: “How could he… Normally I shouldn’t be detected so easily? Was I to distracted by the food? Yes… The food… Must follow the food…”
Nenno wears a stone around his neck, which seem to glow a little bit.

After following Tamar for an hour, Nenno keeps on watching him for another few hours, safe from behind some bushes. He keeps on hiding there, until it’s late in the evening and Tamar starts going to sleep. Nenno grabs his chance to go for the food. He slowly sneaks behind Tamar’s back to reach for the bag which is filled with food
Nenno: “Oh my… Look at all this stuff… Perhaps if I just took one bread and one of those apples he wouldn’t… Notice?”
He then hears someone behind him who stepped on a small branch. It’s Tamar who is still a bit sleepy.
Tamar: “What do you think you are doing?”
Nenno: “Euhm… Guess there is no sense in playing it sneaky, now that you’ve found me out… So… I‘ll just leave and… Take it all!!!”
Nenno makes a run for it, but Tamar is just in time to stand on Nenno’s tail.
Tamar: “Hehe, too slow…”
But Nenno just keeps on running.
Tamar: “??? The tail keeps on stretching… It’s like rubber???”
Nenno is at the end of how much his tail can stretch before he notices that he isn’t moving.
Nenno: “What is going on? Why…”
Then he’s suddenly being catapulted back… Smashing right into Tamar’s crotch.
Tamar: “EEEEEEPPP!!!”
Nenno: “Did… I just… Hit him… Where I… I’m sorry, I never meant to… That must have… Hello?”
Suddenly Tamar is on fire and is slowly getting up. Energy is flying all round the place, breaking the ground to pieces.
Nenno: “!!!”
Inside of Nenno his instinct is taking over and Nenno makes a run for it.
Nenno: “Run, run, run, run, run, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN!!!”
Behind him Tamar’s range of destruction seems to grow and is really going out of control. Blasts of energy seem to be blowing away large stones and cutting trees in half. Inside of Nenno he can only repeat his chant of running and that’s all he did all night, just running.

Then Nenno is suddenly back confronted with the current danger.
Nenno: “I’m gonna die, I ‘m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I ‘m gonna die…???”
He slowly opens his eyes to see why Tamar hasn’t killed him yet.
Tamar: “??? More toys… To destroy?!? YES, YES!!!”
Two massive blue liquid based monsters have appeared, both of them a lot bigger then Tamar, and weird blue glowing eyes. Since they are transparent it’s easy to see, that for a heart they have a black sphere. This sphere is glowing and seems to be their power source.
Nenno: “… Them?”
Nenno has obviously met them before and is still unable to move, he’s just forced to watch.
Nenno: *What are they doing here? Did things just get worse?*
Without saying a word, Tamar strikes on of his opponents. He grabs the dark black sphere that is inside the monsters body and breaks it into a thousand pieces. The monster directly falls apart, but it gives the other monster the chance to strike. He grabs Tamar by his head and the energy that Tamar seemed to be radiating is being sucked up by the monster, making the monster grow.
Nenno is slowly getting over his fears and able to move again.
Nenno: “He is growing…?”
Tamar: “MY POWER!!! LET GO!!! LET… go…? What… Where am I? What is going on? AAAaaarrrgghhh!!!”
Nenno: “He’s changing back…? He… He’s back to normal… I… I got to help him… Should I… I must!”
He grabs Tamar by his shoulder.
Nenno: “Here goes nothing…”
A quick flash of light comes from Nenno’s attempt to teleport and suddenly the both of them just disappeared, leaving the liquid monster behind. They reappear on the other side of the forest, where they drop into a small river.
Tamar: “Ugh… What…”
As they both get out of the water, they are doing their best to catch their breaths.
Nenno: “Cough, cough… Hate… Water…”
Tamar then looks at Nenno, he doesn’t know what exactly happened, but he does understand that Nenno somehow saved him. Both of them are still soaked and are sitting right next to the river.
Tamar: “T… Thanks…”
Nenno: “You’re welcome…”
Tamar: “What the hell was that thing…? Why did you help me?”
Nenno: “Don’t know what they are, but they’ve been following me for weeks now. And why I helped you? I don’t know, somehow I just had to… As if something was pushing me to do so…”
Tamar: “You were?”
Suddenly the stone around Tamar’s neck and the stone Nenno is carrying start to sparkle a little bit and then even glow. Tamar and Nenno both notice this.
Nenno & Tamar: “What is…?”
Their minds are suddenly filled with images. They see their parents, but also people they’ve never met before.
Nenno: “Father?”
Tamar: “Dad…? Who are these other people?”
Nenno: “They all the same stone around their neck?”
Then it’s all gone. Nenno and Tamar look at each other and notice that they are both carrying the same kind of stone.
Tamar & Nenno: “Did you also…?”
Then their tummies seem to rumble. Nenno looks around him and tries using his nose to see where they are.
Nenno: “Sniff, sniff… Hmmm, we are pretty close to where you set up camp.”
Tamar: “Pretty close? You mean you didn’t know where you brought us to?”
Nenno: “Teleporting isn’t that easy for me. I have a hard time going to where I want…”
Tamar: “Teleporting…? Well at least we are safe…”
Nenno: “I believe we should go that way, we are in the opposite position of the place where I teleported.”
Tamar looks at where Nenno is pointing at.
Nenno: “There’s no helping it, I’ll just have to follow you then.”
Both of them slowly get back on their feet.
Nenno: “Well, since we seem to be stuck together for a while… I’m Nenno.”
Tamar: “Well, Nenno… My name is Tamar.”
Both then reach out and shake each other’s hands.
Nenno: “So Tamar, how did you end up here? I mean, you seem pretty young for a human to travel alone, or are you just that small?”
Tamar: “Small…? Well I guess I could tell you…”

An hour later, they arrive at the camping place. Everything is still a gigantic mess, trees are all over the place, but at least the bag of food is still there. The few small birds that had gathered enough courage to try and eat some of the food, quickly fly out of there.
Tamar: “Let’s make a campfire and eat!”
Nenno is drooling.
Nenno: “F… Food…”
After they had a good meal.
Nenno: “I’m stuffed…”
Tamar then looks at him.
Tamar: “Now that I think of it… You haven’t told me your story yet.”
Nenno: “I suppose you are right… Well, I’m a Nichaan. Me and my kind live on an island far from the coast of any land. We live simple lives, but we don’t mind as long as we are happy. Our daily lives are filled with fishing and doing pottery, but aside from that we all have a special ability, teleportation. This is something that we are all born with. We even have to do a test, to prove our manhood by teleportation, teleporting eight meters from A to B.”
Somehow Tamar can see it all happen in front of him and sees Nenno’s father appear, ready to lead this exam, while Nenno continues his story. Randar is hardly any taller than Nenno, but has longer hair on his chin and is fur looks less colorful. He carries some sort of robe and has a long staff in his right hand, in which a beautiful red stone can be seen.
Randar: “Hi there, let us see what candidates we have this year. I see we have some fine lads. Oh my, how you’ve all grown.”
There are five young Nichaan including Nenno, to take the exam. Compared to them Nenno looks pretty innocent. All of them have piercings and pretty wild hairstyles.
Randar: “Well, you all know the drill, but I‘m still going to tell you anyway.”
They see two panels on the ground with just eight meters in between.
Randar: “Just stand on panel A and teleport to panel B… That’s all… Bronel, you are the first to go.”
Bronel stands on the panel and directly teleports to panel B as if it was nothing.
Randar: “Very nice… Well next I want to see Roan, Bolks, Ruden and then Nenno. Go so we can finish this quickly.”
The swishing kind of sound that appears when they teleport, fills the area. One after another, they teleport from A to B.
Randar: “Nice, very nice, good job, Awe… What? Nenno?”
While all of the other candidates are laughing, Nenno ended up in the top of a tree fifty meters away from there.
Nenno: “HELP!!!”
Once Randar is back at home he notices he is not inside. He then asks his wife Myrna where he is.
Randar: “Nenno’s outside?”
Myrna: “Yes, he’s been sitting next to the front door the whole time.”
Myrna is busy doing the wash. She wears a green dress, has brown-red fur and wears three silver colored rings through each ear..
Randar: “All this time… He is really taking this exam too hard… Perhaps I should have a good father to son talk with him.”
He casually walks through the front door as he looks at Nenno.
Randar: “What are you depressed about? Next year you will have another shot at it and you will do just fine. Don’t forget, you were the youngest among them.”
It only lightens Nenno’s mood a little bit.
Nenno: “But I practiced so hard…”
Randar: “And you will be practicing a lot more. Do you have an idea why the panels are only eight meters apart? Because most of us can’t get much farther than ten meters. In our bloodline there is a lot more power. You teleported nearly fifty meters away, which is extraordinary, especially at your age. I know you practiced a lot, but the stress broke your concentration and poof…”
In his hands he holds a little ball of energy, that suddenly bursts.
Randar: “But like I said, it’s in our blood. Imagine, I took the exam like five times.”
Nenno: “Five times???”
Randar smiles towards Nenno.
Randar: “Believe me, I did much worse the third time. It took them five days to repair the training ground, which I teleported into the sea, including myself…”
Nenno can’ t help but to laugh.
Randar: “So yes, we need to work harder for our goals, but we can also do a lot more than the others. That’s why I am chief of this island.”
He puts out his hand and suddenly his staff appears in his hand.
Randar: “But also a lot is due to this staff, which helps me, or better said the stone embedded in it. It pulls out the potential inside of the one carrying it. Control, power everything needed, although touching it is a bit to powerful and that’s why it’s in this staff… But let me show you…”
Nenno: “What..?”
Before Nenno knows it they are on the highest point of their island. Watching the setting sun, it’s a beautiful sight.
Randar: “Here I often come to seen one of the most beautiful things in life… The setting of the sun. Hundreds of philosophers debated about it and thought about it and at least a thousand poets must have written about it. In this strange world it’s good to see some things will never disappear… It gives hope in dark times.”
They are both enchanted by the beautiful sight in front of them. Randar puts him arm around Nenno.
Randar: “Remember son, one day you will follow me in my footsteps and you need to be able to let go of things from time to time and keep a clear head to confront the problems up ahead. A lot of bad things might have happened to our people, but also a lot of good… Let me just tell you a little bit about our past. I mean, we can’t have a new chief without some knowledge about the past, can we?”
Tamar: “Dad…”
While he smiles towards his father. This talk is really helping Nenno’s mood.
Randar: “Let me tell you the story my father told me, like his father told him and so on. It’s about our origin.”
Randar is suddenly far more serious and it forces Nenno to listen very carefully.
Randar: “I was told that we were created many generations ago by a wizard, who needed help with his work. Well, he needed help in the household and making creatures like us which could teleport were very efficient. But he also used us to help with his more experimental work. You can imagine that accidents happen and we were quite expendable in his point of view.”
Nenno: “Expendable?”
Randar: “But actually one of those accidents caused an incredible growth of power in one of our ancestors named Broka. It was even said that his body had obtained so much energy that his body became like rubber. It was him who was responsible for the escape of our people and the one who lead our people to this island. So although he had the same power as the rest, he could do a lot more with it. So this power, once controlled, must be in honor of he who freed us. Perhaps one day we will have one in our family who’s just as great as he was. But I do not envy the burden that will fall upon his shoulders. But concerning to you… I know you will do as well in life as I did, don’t be discouraged in what happened today and to prove my trust in you, I want you to have this.”
Randar teleports the necklace he has around Nenno’s neck.
Nenno: “… Thanks…”
Randar: “It’s a token of sharing a special bond between others. Although its use is gone, it does represent how special you are to me.”
Nenno: “I’ll wear it with pride…”
Randar: “I’m glad to hear that… Cause so did I, so did I…”
Nenno: “Father?”
Randar: “Yes son?”
Nenno: “Where does the staff come from?”
Randar: “I believe that was originally the sorcerer’s staff, which ‘he’ stole from him. But no one knows the exact details of that event. But let’s continue this talk another time… It’s already late and I do not wish to get scolded by your mother.”
They look once more at the sky to enjoy the beauty that seems to be everlasting, even though its appearance keeps changing. Slowly the sky starts to darken and more and more stars can be seen, filling the darkness all around them.

Later that night someone seems to be escaping onto the woods. He took the chief’s staff with him. He’s carefully watching if no one is following him, until he trips over a root and accidentally drops the staff. The staff hits a rock on the ground, shaking loose the stone inside.
Nenno: “The staff!!! The stone!!!”
He runs towards the staff to see the damage.
Nenno: “Why did I come up with such a stupid idea? What… No scratches? The staff is fine to?”
He picks up the stone to take a closer look. Thanks to the tall soft grass there isn’t any damage.
Nenno: “Phew… I only need to place the stone back… To… The staff?”
By accident, he teleports himself right on top of the highest point of the island.
Nenno: “I’m back at the top again? I thought I take the staff to do some experimenting… But I never would have…”
An incredible sensation is getting over him. He really is overwhelmed by this sudden event.
Nenno: “Wow… I mean to be actually able to… One could really have a lot of fun with this… What am I saying? I already am…”
What started as an idea to feel how it’s like to be actually in control of teleporting, changed into a teleport party. Nenno is teleporting all over the island.
Nenno: “WEEEEE!!!”

After at least an hour Nenno decided to stop and teleports right next to his home.
Nenno: “Wow that was incredible… Imagine if I told… Dad… Hmm, I better not…”
He then looks at the stone.
Nenno: “Not to mention I almost broke the staff… I have to get it now…”
He turns around towards the direction where he let the staff fall down, but he’ s hardly taken any steps or he notices that there is someone behind him.
Randar: “Nenno? Is that you?”
Nenno: “Ulp… Dad!!!”
He quickly puts the large stone in his mouth to hide it.
Randar: “Why aren’t you in bed? Are you still stressed out? I told you, all is gonna be alright…”
He taps Nenno on the back, making him accidentally swallow the stone.
Nenno: “Ghackt… Mmmph… Gulp?!?”
A bright light appears and Nenno is suddenly gone.
Randar: “Oh my… Nenno?!? NENNO!!!”
But before Randar understands what is going on, one of the other Nichaan walks towards him holding the staff.
*: “Great Randar, look what I found in the forest…”
Randar: “The staff… What? Where is the stone? It’s gone!? Nenno, what have you done?”
But Nenno isn’t able to hear his father, he’s already hundreds of kilometers away, teleporting every two second and not able to stop. The stone is drawing out all his potential, but now being inside of him, he has no way of controlling it.
Nenno: “NOOOO, STOOOP!!!”
Nenno is slowly teleporting higher and higher up in the air, while he travels over sea and land. He just keeps on teleporting until he sees the sun coming up again.
Nenno: “When is this going to…”
Being engulfed by fear and not having a clue of where he is it all suddenly, stops.
Nenno: “… Stop!?!?”
He’s now very high up in the sky and there is only one way to go and that is down. As a rock he’s just dropping down towards the ground.
Nenno: “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!!!”
It’s at least a kilometer down before he hits the ground.
Nenno: “AAARR… Ggghh… Huh???”
He just ricochets back up again.
Nenno: “I’m alive???”
Again falls he down and bounces like a ball until he stops. He’s just sitting there, doesn’t have a clue how it is possible that he still lives.
Nenno: “I’m not dead?”
He starts to check up on himself.
Nenno: “ Everything seems to be in place…? This is so unreal, I shouldn’t be alive, am I dreaming? Yes that must be it. I’m gonna pinch myself in the face and wake up. Then I’m gonna tell him about this weird dream that I was… like… Rubber?”
He pulls his cheek at least thirty centimeters from his face.
Nenno: “Whaaaat…!?!
He takes one deep breath and tries to start over.
Ok, let’s do this once more. I’m not dreaming, I‘m like rubber, fully awake, don’t know where I am and I…”
He hears something that sounds like dripping water and slowly turns around.
Nenno: “ Am… In obvious… DANGER!?”
He sees two big liquid monsters which are reaching for Nenno to eat him.
Nenno: “I guess teleporting right now would be good… No it would be great!!!”
But he makes a run for it.
Nenno: “Why the hell can I teleport when I don’t want it and can’t when I need it!?”

Nenno is done talking while he is sitting right next to Tamar.
Nenno: “So that was already a few weeks ago, I’ve been hiding from those monsters ever since and also trying to figure out how to get back home. So you can imagine that I’m quite glad that I met someone like you, so that…”
Tamar seems to have fallen asleep.
Nenno just keeps on yelling against Tamar until he is awake.
Nenno: “Don’t tell me I’m that boring that you fell asleep!!!”
Tamar: “What… No, no… I heard every word of it… Something about teleporting.”
Nenno: “I’m gonna tell you the whole story again!!! And you will love it!!!
Tamar: “…!?!?!”

The next morning it’s Tamar who wakes up first.
Tamar: “Morning already? Have I actually slept at all?”
He then looks at Nenno who has fallen asleep on Tamar’s lap, drooling all over him.
Tamar: “Keeping me awake all night, making me all grouchy in the morning, sleeping on my lap and now even drooling…?”
Tamar just picks up Nenno and throws him up in the air, over some trees, but Nenno just keeps on sleeping.
Tamar: “This will teach him, drooling all over me… I ‘m sure his body can handle it, but at least he is out of my sight for now. Hmm, let me see what damage my other self has done. I somehow remember more of it than the time before.”
He then sees all the damage done.
Tamar: “I still missed more of the details than I thought, did I do all of this?”
At least a few acres of forest must have been destroyed. It’s obvious to Tamar that a lot of force must have been used to do this. He then looks at himself.
Tamar: “Hmm, I never actually checked what I can do myself. Perhaps I should try a little boulder.
A small sense of excitement appears inside of Tamar.
Tamar: “ Hehe, I’m actually getting excited by this…”
He sees a boulder half his own size and lifts it as if it weighed nothing.
Tamar: “Hmmph… It practically weighs nothing to me… A pillow would almost weigh more to me. Nah, too easy… I want to try something much harder to lift.”
He just throws the rock a few hundred meters away. He looks around to see if there is something more interesting.
Tamar: “I guess it will need to be a lot bigger to test me like… Like that!!!.”
An enormous boulder which is at least 8 meters wide, caught his attention. He immediately walks towards it to try and lift it.
Tamar: “Ungh, I… I… can just barely lift it, just what I needed!”
But then it slips and lands right on his left foot.
Tamar: “NNNGGHHH!!! Foot… YOUCH!!! GET OF MY FOOT!!!”
He kicks the boulder with his other foot into dozens of pieces. While he his holding his sore foot, he finally realizes how strong he’s become and that the pain in his foot already disappeared.
Tamar: “What… Did I do that? My foot? IT has already healed?”
*: *Yes because of your rage, didn’t that feel good?*
Tamar: “You again?”
*: *I am your rage remember? The angrier you get, the stronger you get… Not only that it also…*
Tamar: “The angrier, the stronger? That’s all I needed to know for now…”
*: *No wait, you ungrateful…”
Tamar: “Bye, bye…”
Tamar uses the seals to overrule his dark side.
Tamar: “Wow, that really does work… It also makes me feel more energetic? Well perhaps it’s better to check up on Nenno… Nah Nenno can wait, this is too much fun. I suppose he’s just hanging around somewhere, so let’s continue.

A few hundred meters from there, Nenno is hanging on a thin branch, in one of the tallest trees with a rich view on the surroundings. Nenno is slowly waking up due to the fresh breeze all the way up there.
Nenno: “Ugh… Yawn, How long was I asleep? What am I doing… In the top of a large… Tree!?”
Thanks to the sudden rush of adrenaline, he’s fully awake now.
Nenno: “…Ah that’s right, heights can’t really hurt me anymore… What’s that sound?”
He turns around and sees Tamar throwing with large rocks and breaking stuff.
Nenno: “Looks like Tamar is practicing. Wow, even when he’s not enraged, he still is very strong. Wait, what’s that rotten smell?”
He then sees on the other side that a large pile of animals is laying there.
Nenno: “By the gods… Piles of carcasses… Sickening… It’s that liquid monster, is he the cause of this?”
He sees the monster just absorbing the remains of a deer.
Nenno: “It’s as if he is sucking out the life of things… He’s actually making those things rot away…”
Then all of the sudden the creature turns around as if it senses something.
Nenno: “??? It’s like he saw… No he sensed something… What, he’s going in Tamar’s direction??? I have got to get there before it does. I need to warn Tamar about this… thing. Let’s see how this rubber body can help with this.”
He holds on to the branch on which he was sitting and swings himself around it, launching himself towards Tamar.
Tamar: “I never imagined I could do these things… But this will do for today!?!”
Tamar is being smashed to the ground, It’s Nenno, he landed right on top of Tamar.
Nenno: “Whoops, will sorry do?”
Tamar: “GET… OF… ME!!!”
Nenno directly jumps of him.
Tamar: “Why I should just…”
Nenno: “It’s coming!!!”
Complete trees are being pushed aside by the enormous monster which is slowly approaching Tamar.
Tamar: “It… It’s big…”
Nenno: “At least twice the size when we last saw him…”
Without a sound but still very intimidating, the creature is approaching Tamar.
Tamar: “Well I guess it’s best to try the things I just been trying to do.”
He tries to say confidently to give Nenno, but also himself some courage..
Nenno: “I hope you are not planning to attack him physically. Once he touches you he will suck you dry of your energy and after that your life’s energy.”
Tamar: “Ugh, I kind of forgot about that.”
And drops of sweat appear on his face, but the creature isn’t hesitating and tries to throw its whole body over Tamar and Nenno. They just barely manage to get away in time.
Tamar: “You overgrown pudding!!! I’m here!!!”
The monster slowly turns around. Tamar is setting Nenno on a small boulder.
Tamar: “Nenno stay here.”
Nenno: “But Tamar…”
Tamar: “I’m more than just brute force… I’ll think of something.”
He slowly walks around the monster to see what options he has.
Tamar: *Perhaps if I speed up things, I might find an opening to grab that sphere inside of him.*
Tamar sprints into action, running at unimaginable speeds around the monster. The monster has a hard time focusing on where to look and after a few seconds he isn’ t able to see Tamar.
Tamar: “There, from behind… This is my shot…”
Suddenly his movements start to get sluggish.
Tamar: “Wh… What… Drowsy…”
Instinctively Tamar jumps back, but he still lost a lot of energy and tries his best to clear his mind.
Tamar: “… Drained… What… How?”
Nenno: “Stay farther away from him… I see, it can suck away energy from a small distance.”
Tamar: *But I don’t see that… How does Nenno…? No need to focus, need a weapon, to keep my distance.*
But he quickly gets back to business. 43weasze grabs two stones and throws them towards the monster. But his body absorbs enough of the impact to avoid damage to the sphere.
Nenno: “Its density, I also became greater.”
Tamar: “Darn it, used too much energy in training and he sucked out too much energy to throw hard enough.”
Nenno: “Guess you can’t just hit him in the soft spot as I accidentally did with you.”
Tamar: “… Did with me… Hmmm… Can I count on your help to defeat him?”
Nenno: “Sure… But how could I… Help… You?”
Tamar already drags Nenno with him, for his plan.”
Tamar: “You will see…”
Tamar has Nenno where he wants him and is ready to attack.
Nenno: “Can I reconsider!?!”
Tamar: “This will only take a few seconds… Just hold on tight now…
Nenno is holding on to one of the trees that are laying on the ground. Tamar stretches the rest of Nenno’s body, using him as a catapult. Then he let’s go of Nenno, launching him straight towards the monster.
Nenno: “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!!!”
He shoots right through the monster, holding the sphere in his hands.
Nenno: “I’ve got the sphere…?! I’ve got the sphere!!!”
He can hardly believe that Tamar’s plan worked, but it isn’t over just yet.
Tamar: “Watch out behind you!!!”
With great speed the liquid from the body is following the sphere. Dozens of tentacles are in pursuit, desperately trying to be complete again.
Nenno: “What should I do? What can I do?!?”
But before he knows it he hits a large boulder, making him bounce up into the air and losing the sphere which flies in another direction.”
Nenno: “Sorry, could not… Hold the… Sphere… Ugh…”
Nenno is rendered unconscious. The liquid is still trying to desperately follow the sphere.
Tamar: “You’ve done more then enough, little buddy. Now it’s my turn.”
The sphere is almost grabbed by the liquid tentacles, but at the same time Tamar is approaching it, by jumping towards it from the opposite direction.
Tamar: “Here goes nothing!”
With his remaining power, Tamar smashes the sphere. It directly starts to flash.
Tamar: “Uh oh…”
He is suddenly in the center of a large explosion. All the energy that the sphere had absorbed, is suddenly released at once. Most of it reentering Tamar’s body. Tamar lands on the ground and feels all freshened up.
Tamar: “Wow, I’m like… Totally filled with energy? Could I have survived it, if I didn’t absorb it?”
He then sees Nenno laying on the ground and walks towards him.
Tamar: “Heh, Nenno is totally knocked out. I hate to admit this, but I guess without your help I could have never defeated it. Let’s go together friend. I bet we together have a better chance in reaching out goals, than alone.”
He picks up Nenno and takes him with him, away from the place where they have done battle.

After a few hours and many kilometers farther away, It’ s already very dark and Tamar has made something that looks like soup for Nenno. Although Nenno has just woken up half an hour ago, he just can’ t stop talking about what had happened.
Nenno: “And how fast you were… I’ve never seen anything like it… It was as if you were teleporting. I never thought I would leave that part of the forest alive.
I guess what I want to say to you… Thanks for not just taking me with you, but also helping me out… I guess that although we just met, you see me as a friend?”
He then sees that Tamar has fallen asleep again.
Tamar: “Mommy… Daddy…”
Tamar is dreaming about his parents. He’s still not used to traveling alone. Nenno feels a bit bad for Tamar.
Nenno: “He has a rough kind of communicating, but eventually he’s still a kid. He’s practically even younger than me…”
He then places a blanket over Tamar and softly speaks to him.
Nenno: “Don’t worry Tamar, all is going to be fine, I’m sure of it. As long as we stay together, it will turn out ok. I guess that way neither of us is alone anymore.”
With a friend by his side, Tamar will continue his journey to find the truth behind his dark powers inside of him.